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The first thing you’re certain to notice about our clinic is the comfortable, low-stress environment that we promote. You’ll also be pleased to f


The first thing you’re certain to notice about our clinic is the comfortable, low-stress environment that we promote.

You’ll also be pleased to find that our office is staffed by highly trained individuals who are committed to continuing education to provide best services for you.

We give you more of what you want, the type of dental care you deserve!


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September 26, 2020

Excellent care that won't bankrupt you. I had an awful experience with a dentist as a child so regrettably neglected my teeth until I had a pain. I first came here 2 years ago and I'll never look back. I'll forever be grateful to the team here at Ashbourne dental.

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November 30, 2019

Personally, I am not the person writing reviews, but three weeks gone and I am still very upset about all the situation. In general, I had a terrible experience. Had small tooth ache and still have it. Moreover, have another issue with another tooth they treated. Now I am afraid to go back not to get more problems. Treatments were not cheap, so there is no justification for very bad customer service by female dentist who dealt with me all the time (receptionist though was extremely polite, pleasant and apologetic when first issues were raised).

First, I think dentist inspected and treated the wrong tooth as I still have the same ache weeks past (treated tooth had root canal already cleaned in the past). Then I was given too much of anesthetics, which made my cheek numb more than usual (more than normal comparing with other dentists I’ve been with). Due to same numbness, I was not able to feel my jaw well, so dentist left my filling uncompleted (did not use the carbon paper dentist use normally to remove any extra filling so I could bite properly). Before leaving for the first time, I booked another appointment, which they had no trace-ability off on the second visit day (I had paper with date and time given by themselves). Second time I came – they finished up the previous tooth and then gave anesthetics for the other tooth, which did not work (after 10 minutes waiting, I was still able to feel everything), so I said to proceed anyway as I have no time (I did feel quite a bit of pain, but it was “acceptable”). By the time the treatment was finished – my all cheek became completely numb again (again – too much anesthetics I think), so dentist left me without polishing the filling again as I could not feel my jaw! By the way – at the end I was still charged for anesthetics which did not work! Not only this, but when numbness was gone, I could not eat at all. Looks like the tooth filling did not cover completely the cavity made, so every bite felt like biting a needle. I rang them same day and notified them about it. When arrived back in two days, dentist polished the filing and applied some “mixture” which supposed to help, but did not. Two weeks since, I still feel pain while eating or pressing teeth against teeth.

Receptionist overall was extremely polite though. However, female dentist needs real customer service training, communication is very “dry” and impersonal. Approach is also very unprofessional, looked like dentist was doing me a favor by treating me. When treatment was completed, dentist just stood up and went to her table (both first two visits), no “that is it”, “we finished”, “you can proceed to reception” etc…like I had to find out myself if this is all over and to get out of the room…I must say however, when I came back for the third time, dentist was a bit more pleasant (maybe I came during her bad days…).

Bottom line – treatments are not cheap, paid big money and ended up with issues I did not have before. So, for me – I will never go back again. By the way – the owners need to buy protective glasses for customers as when the light is up, it is very uncomfortable to sit/lie down with lights on, very bright. Also - when they polish fillings, they don’t give you anything to rinse your mouth either, so you end up just swallowing it all up (what else is left to do…). And they need more equipment – there are polishing discs available which should be used polishing areas between the teeth (I was left with sharp corners because I was told the “rubber” ball is all they have and it cannot reach there).

Look, I hope it was very unfortunate events for me to have all these issues. I heard previously there was a girl replacing the main dentist during her summer holiday and she was super, also I heard there is a dentist treating on weekends only and doing implants, he is also very good.

I am sorry for the long story and hope someone will take something useful for them. I must to repeat, maybe it is just coincidence for me. Overall, I know they have good reviews, so maybe I am very picky with my teeth and service ☹

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October 12, 2019

If you have a serious fear of going to the denist like me, and feeling overwhelmed by it ( i was 1 year building up to go to a dentist for an extraction) and finally made myself go after 3 lots of antibiotics. I can safely put your mind at ease that my dentist Maria was incredible along with her nurse. They gave me all the time i needed to get the procedure done without stressing me, the empathy they showed was out of this world (i was a nervous wreck i don't know how they treated me ha) would highly recommend. Thank you so much.


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July 3, 2019

Had an appointment with Ashbourne Dental & Medical clinic the other day and the level of care given by the team was excellent. Dr. Migle was great - talked me through the entire process which helped me feel a lot less nervous than usual . Will be booking my routine appointment with this place again as I'm really pleased with the overall service.

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June 5, 2018

Left a voicemail to make an appointment for annual review for three boys.

Rang back two days later to be told they don't listen to their voicemail as they ate too busy

Receptionist struggles to speak and listen .avoid at all costs

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June 23, 2014

I’ve never left a poor review anywhere but three times I’ve dealt with this clinic and I’ve been left incredibly disappointed.

In 2018 I got braces here. I had no issue w/ orthodontist himself. Nurses and receptionists were unprofessional, rude and lacked proper customer service training, I expect they would’ve changed staff now. When my braces had to be removed the ortho was on holidays so person removing them was another dental professional. I had a permanent retainer put in, however the way it was put in was lazy and incorrect. Couple years later I went to a different dentist to complain about my permanent bonded retainer breaking, he was appalled by what he saw. He said instead of dealing w/ each tooth individually using minimal amount of glue, the retained was slapped into the back of my teeth and all of my teeth were glued together, no floss to separate teeth, no precision whatsoever. There are before/after photos of this. I paid to get the retainer removed and get a new one installed correctly w/ a different dentist after paying a fortune for my braces already.

My next visit to the clinic was to see the gynaecologist who I had no issue with.

Last week I went to see the gastroenterologist. I’ve had pains in my abdomen for the last year and was told a gastroenterologist does consultations in the clinic monthly. From the start of this appt I was uncomfortable. I sat in the waiting room by myself for half an hour despite arriving on time for my appointment and seeing patient before me leave the room, I felt like I had been forgotten, nurse and receptionist who checked me in were both aware and I was told to wait in the waiting room until doc came out to get me. I wouldn’t be this upset about this experience if it hadn’t cost me over 200€. No one apologised to me for delaying me, the doc himself didn’t even acknowledge it. I gave him a summary of my symptoms and explained the pain to him. He didn’t ask me many questions and went on to perform an ultrasound examination and h pylori test, costing 70 and 60, and then further 70 for consultation (I wasn’t aware of additional cost for testing, that’s my fault for not asking before my appt, it would be helpful if there was a conclusive price-list online).

Doctor didn’t wear a mask throughout the appt, I think working in a medical setting it is a requirement, otherwise it comes off unprofessional however this is my opinion. At the end of the consultation i was told to take herbal supplements and given no further direction. I’m aware there wasn’t much else the doc could’ve done after not finding anything wrong w/ me via ultrasound, I had hoped he would suggest what specialist to see next/ what to do about my constant pain rather than suggest I take supplements without even knowing what was wrong or what was causing pain. It does state the doc diagnoses and treats a wide variety of gastrointestinal illnesses - I had one test done for bacteria and an ultrasound - nothing else. I was given no guidance and the whole appointment felt lazy to me. The doc was friendly himself but that was the only positive thing I’ve to say about this appointment.

Being already half an hour delayed I was delayed even further in reception when I went to pay. I had been told by receptionist my results will be emailed to me, I’m not sure what the typical wait on this is considering I got results there and then in person and would’ve liked to have them in writing as well for my own record. I still haven’t received them nor do I expect to at this stage. I was hesitant on leaving a poor review here after seeing some of the replies from the clinic being slightly intimidating however I’ve been let down too many times and hopefully this helps someone else. I know realistically I should’ve stopped going here after my first experience, but I had hoped it was a once off.

Maybe I’ve bad luck with doctors but I think I don’t have any luck with this clinic in particular and this was definitely my last interaction with them.

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April 25, 2012

Really Bad experience i was remove tooth terrible service im still sore 10 days after they treat me here like meet take him 1h for simple extraction and broke tooth beside i have hole for 2 fingers! AND FIRST TIME I SEE DENTIST PANIC WHEN SOMETHING GOES WRONG. AVOID!!!!

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October 2, 2011

After many visits, I finally can smile and feel good!

Many thanks to Dr G.W. Jang! The best dentist experience ever! Highly recommended. Professional, patient and really friendly, all the staff is great!

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